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Simple home maintenance

It’s okay, not all of us have tidy homes all the time, but most of us would want to. Reason being, you don’t want to be scrambling around the house when you have visitors unannounced, and just because you want to live in a warm and fresh home that makes you feel welcome.

Which is why we recommend you use MyGenie, which is designed for indoor cleaning, to take care of your floor, so that you can take care of the rest of the house. However as much as it is important to keep a clean house it is important that you carry out some maintenance work in your home too. By maintenance we don’t mean the heavy works like dealing with your electric wires and the like. Simple things such as keeping your marble table top clean also counts as maintenance. Which is why we have come up with a list of very easy and simple home maintenance tips that you can do. You can follow them when you are doing you weekly cleaning at the end of your long week, or as and when you feel like it.


1) Keeping a clean marble tabletop- All you have to do is to buff your marble table top with car polish, because this will leave a thin and invisible film that would protect it from scratches and stains.

2) To clean your iron, sprinkle some salt on your ironing board and place your iron on  the board. Glide back and forth to clean the iron’s base.

3) If you have the problem of finding silverfish in your wardrobes or cupboards, place whole cloves in them. This would prevent silverfish from entering your cupboards or wardrobes.

4) To make sure your bathroom mirrors do not steam up whenever you shower with the heater on, rub the mirror with a dry bar of soap and wipe it off with a clean cloth. This should so the magic.

5) If you can’t stand water droplets staining up your bathroom glass doors, wipe your glass doors with lemon oil twice a month so that water droplets would slide off the glass.


6) If your toilet smells funny, light a match for a few seconds to get rid of the odour.

7) After cooking, to remove the smells, you should burn some coffee beans in a saucepan and burn the coffee beans. This will release an aroma that would remove any unpleasant odour lingering in your house.

Kitchen Cleaning

8) We use sponges to clean our dishes, and it is important that we ensure that the sponges are clean and disinfected so that they can keep our utensils clean. Every night squeeze your sponge and place it in the microwave oven to get rid of nasty germs and bacteria. Of course keep a look out for your sponges if they become old and shredded, be sure to change them!

9) If you use a dishwasher, pour some baking soda on a sponge and wipe around your dishwashers edges to wipe away any food particles that may be stuck on the machine.


General Maintenance

10) If you have wool carpets and you want to remove the indentations caused by furniture, you can simply put a towel over the indented area and press warm iron over it, this will ensure that the fibers are lifted and so would remove any indentations.

11) If you have drawers that get stuck, or become rough to slide, rub some soap over the runners and they would glide smoothly

12) Try using microfiber cloth for wiping your counter tops, floors or tiles. They are more effective in eliminating dirt then paper towels or ordinary towels.

These may be useful tips for you to maintain things around your house and to make sure your home is always a place for you to come back, relax and enjoy with your loved ones.


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