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Maintaining a Clean House

So now that we are finally in the mood for Christmas, visiting friends and family, hosting friends and family, we have to make sure that we manage to keep up and maintain the neatness of our house. You might be having more guests over the next few days, and it will be tiring to keep maintaining and cleaning your house. Therefore we have a very simple and easy method for you to follow to ensure that you are abel to have a neat house to host your guests.

A party never really ends when the last few guest leaves. Why? Well because you still have to send the “other guests” away. By “other guests”, we mean the mess that could have been created during the party. The amount of trash that could have been accumulated could be massive, sometimes depending on how many people come to your house it could be quite a challenge to clean up at the end of the day. You would already be tired by the end of the day having to have hosted so many people, but you still can’t call it a day until you put your home back to its original state. In order for you not to be overwhelmed by the amount of clearing up to do, this is what you have to do, cleaning as and when the entire day. 69511-christmas-sea-r-x

This is the most important thing to note. You should clean your home as when even with guests around, and by cleaning, it does not mean that you have to do what you would do on ordinary days. It just means that you have to tidy up things as you go along. When you see litter strewn around your table or floors, grab them and dump it into the bin. Clear the drinking cups that may have been left over by your guests whenever you spot them. Remember the key is to make the process of the after party cleaning be more swift and smooth. You will be amazed how much clearing away things as you go by helps you when you are cleaning up at the end of the day.

When a group of guests leave a particular place, try your best to tidy up the place. However, that said, you should be cautious to ensure you don’t make your guests feel uncomfortable. Try not to give them the impression that you are very particular about cleanliness (even if you are) for that might make them feel very conscious and that would not be a very good impression you would want to give your guests!

You can apply this technique throughout your house. For example in the bathrooms that many of our guests would be using for sure and therefore, you would want to make sure that it is clean and hygienic the entire day. During regular intervals, about two or three hours intervals, spray water around and rinse the toilet. If you are someone without a helper at home, you may want to follow this because, by rinsing the toilet at regular intervals, you don’t have to wash it at the end of everyday. This is especially useful if you are having guests over for a few consecutive days. Another great way to deal with the toilet from getting stuffy, is to place a air freshener inside. This way your toilet would smell good even at the end of the day.

This way at the end of the day you would not have to deal a great deal of mess when you clear up. The key therefore is to go about tidying your place as and when throughout the day. By doing so, at the end of the day, you can allocate your time to prepare for the next day before heading to bed. You could dust down and wipe your tables, wash away the dishes, clear away any fabric that may have been victims to spills taking out the trash. Your work load would be decreased by a lot if you try to clean up your house as and when with guests around. What more, while you do that, you can also turn on your MyGenie to vacuum your home. 

Do try it the next time you have guests over. However as mentioned do make an effort not to humiliatre your gusets, into thinking that they are messing up your home. Have a great day everyone!


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