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Keeping your home clean with MyGenie

A must have for all our homes, MyGenie is sure to make life easier for many of us. The intelligent robot is programmed such that it is so independent when it cleans your home, and therefore you do not need to be supervising it. Clean homes are always what most of us desire to live in. Besides, do not underestimate the power of what a clean home can do for you.  It is a given fact that when we live in a clean home, we will be more inclined to feel and embrace positive thoughts as compared to living in a home that is stuffy, untidy and cluttered. With the festive seasons, Christmas and New Year coming our way, it is only practical that we use our time wisely and spread it across doing several things.

Many of us will be busy with baking cookies and doing overall cleaning such as changing and cleaning our sheets, dusting areas, and usually this would mean that the floors would be collecting dusts and what not. This only makes the process of cleaning be more tedious and difficult. Cleaning your home also would not be done within a day, it sometimes could go up to a week or more than that more so if you do not clean your home on a regular basis. christmas-decorations-for-home

As such you would need to have the patience and mentality to last through your scheduled cleaning days. You would be surprised how much messy and untidy surroundings can negatively affect your mood when it comes to cleaning the house. When the house feels stuffy, dusty, unventilated and musty, it will make you feel very moody, upset, angry. Chances are that all sorts of negative emotions will overcome you.

Therefore you may always want to ensure that no matter the extend of your cleaning, at the end of the day you may want to do basic tidying up of your place. It is advisable that you do not live in a messy environment while yo do your cleaning, therefore at the end of every day, try to brighten things up a little. Turn on your air freshener, open your windows to let some fresh air in. Your floors are sure to be messed up by the end of your cleaning, and there is a way you can keep your floors clean every night. This is when you will be grateful you got yourself a MyGenie. The robotic cleaner will go about on its own doing what it does best and all you have to do is to just switch it on.

This is a much better option to consider at the end of your tedious cleaning day, instead of having to sweep your floors. By the end of the day you will be drained and all you would need is a good night’s rest, therefore don’t tire yourself with having to sweep the floors. 

MyGenie, is suited for indoor use, generally suitable for home or office use. It works well on multiple surfaces such as on wooden flooring, tiles, carpet and linoneum. It is also programmed such that it is able to detect when it reaches a wall, and so it would automatically adjust itself to turn away from the wall and continue in the other direction. It also returns back to its charging dock once it has covered all the areas of the floor.

Do however take note not to use the Genie on top of a shelf or cupboard, for though it comes with a sensor to detect when it reaches the end of a surface it is always good not to place it on high surfaces. If you do, do make sure that you are around the area, or you could supervise it. 

To know more about the product read on more of our blog posts. Now that you know why you should have a Genie, get yourself one and watch the robot work its magic. Remember after a hard day’s work of cleaning and dusting your home, you would want to leave the tedious job of sweeping your floor to the intelligent MyGenie, while you take a sip and enjoy the night away with your loved ones. 

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