MyGenie™ K6L Model: Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

MyGenie™ K6L Model: Robotic Vacuum Cleaner



                      Benefits in Using MyGenie™ K6L Robotic Vacuum Cleaner :

    • Mini robot vacuum cleaner, with Elegant design, practical and convenient. 8cm in height.

    • Competent for wood floor, vinyl floor, ceramic tile and other types of hard floor.

    • It can complete the task which can not be done by ordinary vacuum cleaners.
      It can go under the sofa and bed, inhaling hair, dust, cotton and so on,

    • Three kinds of intelligent working modes:Random, Spiral, Along the wall.
      Turbo Cross blanket search, no dead ends

    • Two side brushes help to pick up the dirt efficiently, which makes vacuuming
      more easily. The brushes are not easy to be wound by hair. The brushes are
      replaceable easily by hand.

    • Intake closer to the ground, make better cleaning, cotton, hair, and even rice
      can be inhaled.

    • The dust bin is convenient for taking out, dumping the dirt is easy. Hands are
      not easy to be stained.Reusable electrostatic filter, affordable, environmentally
      friendly and healthy.

    • With Electrostatic dust paper, the mini robot can do both vacuuming and
      mopping job. Great for hair and lint pickup.

    • With flexible front bumper, it will turn cleverly when encountering obstacles.

    • Safely power off function: if the wheels stuck off, it will shut off automatically,
      which is safe and energy saving.

    • Removable wheels and brushes design.

    • Adjustable anti-cliff sensors

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MyGenie™ K6L is Suitable for these types of flooring

MyGenie K6L is Suitable for these types of flooring








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