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Who should help out with household chores, man or woman?

Do you feel the burden of having to do all the household chores yourself? Do you feel that your spouse does not bother about household chores, but expect the house to be clean? Do you feel that you are drained out by the time your work ends, but you still have to be the only one doing the jobs around the house? Well sometimes, this may not only apply to females, but to males as well. Don’t be surprised, nowadays men are the ones who are in charge of household chores.

It is the norm that both husband and wife work these days, and so it is not surprising that either one feel that the burden of having to do all the work around the house by themselves. It would be made worse if you have children to take care of and do not have a domestic helper to help you out. Though men have begun to help put with the chores, in majority of households, women are still the ones burdened with doing all the chores.

In a survey done in 2011, it was revealed that 83% of women and 65% of men took some time off their rest period to engage in household activities such as housework, cooking, etc. In 2012, the stats was 84% and 67%, which shows that there is indeed an increase in the number of men helping out with the chores.

However, when you put things into perspective, there is really no such thing as only a man should do household chores, or only a woman should do household chores. In fact, both of them should spread it out evenly. Let’s face it, women are also facing the same pressure as men in the working environment and it is not fair to say that they are facing less pressure, and so have the responsibility to come home and continue with the cumbersome household chores.

Yes most of the time, both of you will be drained out, which is why it is a good practice to come out with a plan that would clearly state when who should what chores. Of course you don’t have to be so nit picky about it, if on that particular day your spouse feels more tired and have to do the cooking, maybe you could step in and cover them. Compromising is what it is.

 So here are some ways you can plan out the chores:

  • Deciding the plan for the week or month – This will be good to do, so that you have a good gauge as to what are the chores you have to undertake. Do take note to include small chores such as cleaning up the mess around the house; cleaning your pet etc. These are chores that may be overlooked, so you may want to take note to write them down.
  • Rate your chores based on difficulty – Based on the time it takes, how strenuous the task is, you may want to rate it. This would also give you a good gauge as to what is a difficult task and what is not. After which you can divide it equally, taking easy and difficult tasks each. You may also want to note down how to make the particular task easier. For example, for sweeping the house, you may want to use MyGenie, for cleaning windows, MyWindoro. All these robots will make your cleaning chores so much easier and thus save you a lot of time.
  • Review the list – If you feel that the list is equally distributed, and you fell that it works well with you and your spouse, then you should keep the schedule. However if at the end of the month, you feel that the list is not very effective, you may consider changing it. Reviewing it on a monthly basis would be good for you
  • Show your appreciation – Make sure to show your gratitude to your spouse. Tell them that you appreciate them taking the effort to follow through the list and do the chores. This would serve to be a motivation for them, because now they know that their work is being appreciated.

To start of, begin with cleaning up the mess. This is the one basic chore that is often overlooked. Many a time, people don’t do this, which is why cleaning becomes a huge trouble. When you have a takeout for the day, after eating, make sure you clear out the rubbish, don’t leave it lying, thinking you would clear it the next day, because chances are you wont, because you will be rushing to go to work the next day. Also remember not to leave litter lying around the house; throw away your rubbish immediately. This is a good practice because cultivating this would mean that you can avoid littering in your house.

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