MyGenie M388 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner    MyGenie XR210 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner    MyGenie X500 in Red    MyGenie AP740 in Black    MyGenie K6 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Topview

AUTOMATED CLEANING – frees up your time to spend with family or other pursuits

LOW NOISE EMISSION – lets baby sleep undisturbed, allows you to continue to watch your TV program, study or talk on the phone

FLAT DESIGN – enables it to cleans areas that conventional vacuum cleaners are not able to reach e.g. underneath sofas, beds and cupboards.

PROGRAMMABLE to work at desired times of the day

MEMORY to store ideal cleaning settings


Watch MyGenie X500 In Action!
Watch MyGenie AP740 In Action!
Watch MyGenie K6 In Action!
Watch MyGenie M388 In Action!
Watch MyGenie XR210 In Action!


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