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MyGenie Intelligent Robotic Cleaner, one can save their precious time and spinal back from doing the mundane cleaning in home or offices or commercial centres. It is well designed to be of strong plastic casing, ergonomic, and nice sporty or elegant metallic color.

MyGenie Intelligent Robotic Cleaner will clean the whole house floors automatically unless programmed otherwise. You have a choice.

Furthermore, MyGenie will clean difficult to reach areas like under the bed, sofa, furniture, room corners and edges which accumulates dust, dust mites, dirt and germs.

It is intelligent to find its way back to the docking station for re-charging of batteries and out to clean other areas or when it has completed the whole cleaning process.

There is also a virtual wall for creating a barrier to area where you want some privacy and do not want it to be cleaned.

Watch MyGenie M388 In Action!

Watch MyGenie XR210 In Action!



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