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MyGenie for All

By now you would have known what are the benefits of using MyGenie over the usual vacuum cleaners. MyGenie is capable of running on its own and it will save you a lot time to carry out your other tasks. Your usual conventional vacuum cleaner on the other hand requires attention, and requires you to manually do the vacuuming.

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MyGenie and why you should have one

Generally MyGenie is built for indoor use. It works best indoors and it is much safer to use it indoors. Therefore, it is generally suited for home or office use. It can be used on alternate days or on a daily basis, depending on the individuals needs. It serves as an excellent alternative for using the tedious broom and dustpan method of sweeping the floors. The MyGenie, that comes in several different models (X500, dalmation series, etc), is capable of doing the sweeping task for you, and you do not even need to lift a finger.

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